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A lady in her mid-fifties was complaining of severe sciatica which had been plaguing her for months.  She led a very active and busy lifestyle and was concerned because she woke up in the morning with a stiff lower back which ached constantly and she'd started to experience calf cramps as well as pain in her feet.

She had mid back and neck tension and sometimes experienced numbing in the fingers.

After a couple of releases her sciatica gradually started to improve.  After the sixth session of BSR she started to see marked improvement in her back and her sciatica and she found that her numb fingers and calf cramps had also started easing.

Once she started to incorporate a few simple morning back exercises into her routine, her back ache and sciatica became a thing of the past - she was thrilled with the results as she as she was able to keep up her fast pace of life without feeling fatigued and uncomfortable.

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