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Headaches and Body pain

A 50 year old lady came for BSR complaining of pain in the upper back, sharp pains behind the shoulder, sciatic pain into the legs, lower back stiffness, burning feet and frequent headaches which plagued her daily.  On top of this she had pain and stiffness into the right arm and had recently started to have continuous sinus problems.  She also battled with chronic constipation and lived on codeine so that she could sleep. 

After the first consult she immediately started to feel some relief in the lower back stiffness , so much so she'd enthusiastically returned to gym (despite my asking her to rest to allow the deeply locked up muscles to to release).  After the second consult she complied and rested and by the third consult she had started to notice a big improvement in her bowel functioning.  She'd also managed to reduce her medication and her sleeping had started to improve 

By her fourth consult her headaches and pain in the upper back had started to shift and her body pain was much improved.  She even managed a flight overseas with lugging suitcases and foreign beds, without her usual agonizing travel pains! 

She continues to come in for maintenance and with some gentle core exercises her back strength has improved considerably. She now goes for much longer time periods in between consults without any pain or headaches. 
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Avoid repetitive exercises which reverse or strain the spine's lumbar curve, e.g. toe-touching, sit-ups, double leg-raisers.  If you have stress in your back these excercises will create further irritation to the area.