The 4 month old with Colic

The 4 month old with Colic

A distressed mother came for BSR along with her 4 month old baby girl. It was immediately evident that the child was stressed as she cried frequently and was a restless and unhappy baby.

The mother was exhausted and irratible, and their home life was hard as neither of them were getting enough sleep!

On the first session I worked on the baby’s lower back – I wasn’t able to do much as she was niggly and stressed, but straight after the releases she fell asleep on her mum’s shoulder.

Mother and daughter returned 3 days later and reported back: After the session the little one had slept, followed by 2 dreadful nights when the colic had flared and neither mother nor baby had slept a wink. The following night had been remarkably better. I wasn’t too surprised by this feedback as quite often as decompression takes place in the spine, and sensation is restored to previously numbed/compressed nerves, things flare up and get a little sensitive.

I worked on the baby again, and released stress in the neck and lower back and asked them to return for a follow up. A week later, mum and baby returned along with a beaming gentleman – who turned out to be the baby’s father.

The father came along to express his gratitude as finally their lives had returned to a more normal routine, with his wife more energised and sleeping better and far happier little baby girl!