Lower back pain & Narrowed discs

Lower back pain & Narrowed discs

A client age 32 came to see me in agony. He could barely walk and had spent the weekend in bed. He had a history of a bad back, and after a recent football match his back had suddenly “given way”. A doctors report showed that he had narrowing of the L5-S1 intervertabral disc and osteophytes in the same area. He’d been told that in time if his back worsened he’d need an operation.

Even though a friend had referred him to BSR he remained rather sceptical. He’d been used to more manipulative disciplines and didn’t believe BSR’s gentle technique would have an impact. After the first 3 sessions his pain had gone and by his 4th session – two weeks after he’d started BSR, he felt great and had started doing some gentle exercising again.

He’s continued to come to BSR for maintainance and has reported feeling stronger.

Because of this recent incident his wife wanted him to give up the football completely, but he’s now convinced that if he improves the state of his lower back with frequent BSR and strengthening excercises, that he’ll be able to continue play the sport he loves on a social level.