Shoulders, knees and wheat intolerance

Shoulders, knees and wheat intolerance

I started seeing Sarah for BSR in early November 2010, after I had been suffering from tendonitis in my left shoulder for several months. I had constantly been on pain killers 3 times a day and had a Cortizone injection which brought only temporary relief. I started to notice almost immediate relief from a stiff neck (which I had forgotten about and didn’t even report to Sarah) when I noticed I could turn my head much further than I could previously.

The shoulder started to improve after a few sessions, but then I had sudden excruciating pain in my left knee which I could not put down to any injury, old or new!! Obviously something was shifting in my body!

After several more sessions, and within the space of 6 weeks my shoulder pain had disappeared and the mobility is much improved, and the knee pain had also gone.

Apart from my neck, I have also noticed that my wheat and lactose intolerance has much improved and I can now eat bread and cheese without coughing and sneezing – another unexpected bonus!

I can highly recommend BSR for things that you are aware of, and for the lovely surprise of having other conditions improve as your body lets go of all sorts of stress and communication returns.

Caro Attwell – 04-Jan-2011