Restless legs

Restless legs

A lady in her 60’s was battling with terrible restless legs and calf cramps that would keep her awake at night. Her only relief was to get up a few times during the night and walk around until the restlessness subsided.

She had a very stiff lower back upon waking and suffered from occasional heartburn.

Within 3 sessions of BSR, after stress was released in the lower back and throughout the spine, she found she was sleeping easier. Her restless legs and heartburn improved immediately but increased sensitivity returned to the lower back and hips as compression was released in the spine and the body’s nervous system communication was restored.

After 3 further BSR sessions the back and hip started to settle down and she commented on how much better she was starting to feel. As she was feeling so much better she now pops in for regular maintenance to keep her body functioning optimally.