Lucy the Daschund with the bad back

Lucy the Daschund with the bad back

In January our 9 year old female dachshund, Lucy, started having back problems. Her back would go into a spasm causing her pain and limiting her mobility. We were in quite a panic because we had to put our male dachshund, Frankie, to sleep a year ago with the same problem. We were devastated.

We visited the vet a few times in January and February and the vet prescribed muscle relaxant/pain pills and did an X-ray. We were told that she might have a slipped disk and that they would need to do an MRI, but since the MRI is very expensive we decided to see if the pills would help.

After the third vet visit the vet gave us a week – if Lucy didn’t get better and they didn’t operate, she would have to be put to sleep. Lucy was given more pills. (We could not afford to pay +-R13 000 for an operation)

I had previously been to see Sarah for a few BSR sessions and decided to ask her if she could work on Lucy. Lucy went for her first BSR session on February 8 and after just two sessions we could see a noticeable difference. Lucy had a total of four BSR sessions throughout February and early March and she improved remarkably, by the 4th session she had no sign of pain or discomfort – and it actually looked as if she was looking forward to her BSR!

It’s now June and Lucy is running around, playing with the puppy and enjoys her walks in the park, and the vet is thrilled with her progress. Lucy got a second chance, thanks to Body Stress Release.

Lucy’s Owners: Lyndall Blake & Janine Morris – 01-Jun-2011