Pain and weakness down the legs

Pain and weakness down the legs

A 74-year-old lady came to see me, she had a history of back problems and operations and while she wasn’t experiencing back pain currently, she had weakness into the legs and searing pains that would shoot into her hips and knees, making it hard to walk and impossible to sleep comfortably. The pain and weakness were so severe she had to use a walking frame to move around and she couldn’t stand upright.

Recently the pain had intensified and she was bent double over her walking frame – she was concerned that she’d have to cancel her overseas trip planned for later in the year.

I worked with her 3 times, and each time she would feel some relief. As her back gently started to decompress the deeply locked up muscles, which were pinching the disc space and causing the pain, started to let go and the referred pain down the legs began to ease.

On her fourth visit I lowered her on the bed and released stress in the lower back and the mid-back and neck area. When I got her upright to turn her onto her back, I was amazed to see her standing up dead straight. She had a look of complete disbelief on her face as she took my hands and tentatively walked a few paces. When she realised she wasn’t going to fall over and she no longer had the excruciating pain into her thighs her face broke into a huge smile. It looked to me like her overseas trip was back on track!

With sufficient tension released in her back her body was able to return to it’s correct posture, and with continued BSR she’s been able to improve and strengthen the area.