Sciatica during Pregnancy

Sciatica during Pregnancy

Body Stress Release and Pregnancy

As you all know each pregnancy is different and differs for each person. I suffered with backache from the second trimester right through to the last day. When it first started I was waking up in the middle of the night with spasms of pain. I would literally get up in tears and try various different stretches to try get some relief. Nothing really worked, the spasms would ease slightly, but the backache never left and I could not fall asleep again.

I tried Chiropractors and Physiotherapy but had no relief. My mom in-law then told me about her friend who only found relief through Body Stress Release. I read up on it, but I was a bit sceptical – eventually I was so desperate I had to try.

Sarah explained the BSR process – she understood my desperate need to relieve my pain while keeping my baby safe at the same time. After the initial releases I slept right through to the morning for the first time in 2 months! I still had back pain but it was now manageable and I did not feel the need for pain meds.

So every two weeks, until the birth of my baby boy, Evan, I saw Sarah where she managed my back pain and any other issues that came with each step in my pregnancy – and until the end I slept right through the nights!

Getting a good night sleep makes all the difference in managing your pregnancy and the tiredness that goes with it. My sister in-law Karen was also pregnant and had a period in her pregnancy where she too had backache and did not want a harsh adjustment that a chiropractor did. So due to my success with Body Stress Release with Sarah, she too tried it for the first time and got the result she needed

Both of us are so happy we tried Body Stress Release and found Sarah. As soon as I am pregnant with my next baby I will start the sessions with her again to ensure a happy pregnancy – which in turn means a happy baby!

Tonia Kellerman – 01-Jan-2012