Calf & Back pain – an ex aerobic gymnastic competitor and a converted skeptic’s story

Calf & Back pain – an ex aerobic gymnastic competitor and a converted skeptic’s story

Three years ago I started experiencing lower back and calf pain while running. This progressively got worse – to the point where running was no longer an option and even walking was painful. Because I was then unable to do cardio-vascular exercise I started concentrating on strength training which then caused my left elbow to “seize” up.

Now not being able to exercise in any effective way I decided it was time to take action! After many physio sessions and visits to hip and lower back surgeons, a degree of desperation started to set in. As a very active individual, the pain started affecting all aspects of my life.

Out of desperation, I decided to give BSR a chance, I must add that I was a complete skeptic. “How can this gentle approach achieve anything?” I kept on asking myself. This skepticism continued after the first treatment when my lower back suddenly seemed much worse. Sarah warned me prior to the treatment that this may happen as nerve pathways restore there’s sometimes more feeling before healing can take place!

After thinking about it logically I realised I needed to be more open-minded, Sarah must have ‘hit the spot’ in my lower back, as surely such light treatment could not cause so much pain in my lower back, something else in my lower back was definitely amiss! I decided to persist with the treatment and stuck it out.

After a couple more sessions my lower back eased up and the pain started disappearing. My calf and elbow pain was gone and walking was no longer an issue. After approximately three months I was even running short distances again.

Sarah also provided me with exercises to strengthen my lower back. This I’m doing religiously as a preventative measure. Living pain-free after years of pain is the ultimate goal and I am thrilled to be able to live a normal active life again thanks to Body Stress Release! I now go for regular maintenance sessions to keep my back stress free and stay on track! Thanks Sarah!

Ebbe Spaarwater