The baby with reflux

The baby with reflux

Dear Sarah,

I am writing this to you with a very big smile on my face!! For the first time in months I feel relaxed and well rested, all thanks to a very happy son who is doing so much better after just 2 sessions with you.

We have reduced his constipation medicine in half and he is passing stools so easily still, he is waking up happy in the mornings and has big conversations with his teddies before wanting out the cot.

He is no longer clingy, demanding to be in our arms all day long. He has gone from waking up 3 / 4 times a night to once a night. He was prone to headaches which we only knew he had when he would scream in pain from a loud noise, that has all stopped.

He is currently cutting 4 molars and through all this he is an absolute angel and handling it so well.

My husband, who is very sceptical, and I are so grateful for what you have done. Ever since he was born we have struggled with one thing or the next, from not being able to breastfeed him, suffering with colic, then constipation and now a wheat allergy.

The way you explain everything makes so much sense and we can only put this massive improvement down to your help.

Thank you and thank you to BSR for helping our son live a happier life.

Sarah Hill – 01-Dec-2012

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