Fibromyalgia; Joint Pains; RA and life’s little miracles!

Fibromyalgia; Joint Pains; RA and life’s little miracles!

A 56-year-old lady came to see me because her daughter had experienced relief with Body Stress Release during her recent pregnancy. When she arrived it was evident that this lady had lived most of her life in severe pain, she was extremely frail and even the smallest movement hurt her. Walking was difficult as she had searing pains under her feet and she found she lost her balance easily.

Her lower back was constantly sore and she couldn’t stand for long periods of time, her feet swelled up and her knees were always painful. She felt pain between her shoulder blades, and her arms and hands were sore with continuous burning into her elbows. When she arrived she couldn’t straighten her right elbow and her arms were so weak she couldn’t raiser her arms to dye her hair or pick anything up.

She had pain into the hands and she couldn’t close her fingers, her jaw hurt, eating hurt, she had frequent heartburn, was constipated and she didn’t sleep well.

She explained that many of her problems started when she was 18 and in a car accident but the symptoms had just worsened in severity and had become unmanageable 4 years ago after a big emotional trauma in her life.

She was only in Cape Town for a period of 4 weeks before having to return to Dwaalboom (up near the Botswana border) so we agreed on an intensive BSR programme of 2 consults per week.

She went through a roller-coaster of increased feeling as tension was released and nerve pathways started to restore, but in between periods of feeling wiped out and tender she started to notice some significant overall improvements. After 4 consults her jaw pain had eased and she was finding it easier to eat, her heart burn had improved and she was no longer constipated. By the 5th consult her lower back was much improved and her shoulder blades felt looser and less painful. She still had sore knees and feet but her arms didn’t feel as painful as they were when she arrived and her joint pains had started to come and go with more good days than bad days.

By her 7th release (and the last opportunity I had to work on her before she flew home) she excitedly showed me how she could straighten her elbow and lift her hands above her head! The mobility in the shoulder joints had started to restore as the compression in the neck area was releasing, and with this the permanent “weakness” into the arms and hands had changed. She could also close her hands in a fist – something she’d been unable to do for years!

She was so excited by her progress over the month that she has now committed to travel 2.5 hours each week to a BSR practitioner near her home and her and her husband are seriously considering relocating to an area where she can access Body Stress Release more easily.

As a practitioner I can tell you there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing hope return to people who feel that their situation is completely hopeless. Where the body is concerned, I’ve learnt there’s ALWAYS hope  – we are all amazing healing machines when given the chance!