Brain Damage and Body Stress

Brain Damage and Body Stress

Jake’s story is a dramatic one: A brain scan of the baby showed that the left side of his brain was extremely undeveloped, resulting in paralysis of the rightside of his body. His parents were told that he would never walk or talk. At ten months he was taken to a BSR practitioner because of constipation. After a number of sessions over several months his mother noticed that he was starting to move his paralysed leg.

Then he began crawling and even standing for a few seconds. The parents were delighted when Jake took his first steps. Over the next four years, with regular BSR, he began talking and walking, and greater movement developed in his hand.

The day arrived when the little boy came running into the practice and gave the practitioner a hug radiating love – a very emotional moment. Jake now attends a ‘normal’ school and his only limitation appears to be some lack of fine movement in the hand.

How can BSR have an impact on the brain?
The assumption is that as the stored tension and compression are released from spinal nerves, the sensory nerves of the spinal cord are stimulated. The relaying of information to the brain is enhanced, and the messages then travel from the sensory centres of the brain to the motor areas. In certain cases this apparently has the effect of activating some functions to ‘wake up’ and be restored, such as the motor supply to the muscles of the limb and connections to the speech centre in the brain.

From Gail Meggersee’s Book on BSR – 08-Mar-2018