BSR and infertility / ovarian issues / bladder issues

BSR and infertility / ovarian issues / bladder issues

Optimise fertility by addressing body stress:

Are you feeling stressed, having trouble sleeping, feeling anxious, battling with an irregular cycle or struggling to fall pregnant, or suffering from back pain, anxiety, headaches, or constipation?  All of these symptoms may signal the progression of stress overload which may be disrupting the body’s optimal functioning.
When the body reacts to stress it immediately responds by releasing adrenaline which puts us into a state of “fight or flight”, ensuring we are alert and ready to deal with whatever threatening situation arises.  The blood sugar level is raised to produce extra energy, our heart rate increases and our muscles tense up, preparing us for rapid action.  However, the ongoing overstimulating effects of adrenaline sets off a series of biochemical reactions which, when the body fails to adapt effectively to stressful circumstances causes ‘stress overload’ and the muscles involuntarily clench in defensive action.

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