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So much has been written about Body Stress Release.  Sarah Davies has written and been featured in many articles on the subject.  Here are a few news articles of interest on Body Stress Release


Unlock tension with Body Stress Release

After blank stares from two GPs, Health24’s Editor, Laura van Niekerk, turned to a Body Stress Release practitioner to see if they could help with her chronic tense neck, sore lower back, and ‘pinched nerve’ tingling arm.

A persistent stiff neck, lower back pain and a tingling sensation down my left arm has seen me visiting two different GPs over a period of 3 years, only to be given a blank stare and change of topic. Maybe I was simply stressed. Would I need anti-depressants? Or anti-inflammatories for the pain in my arm?

I declined. And continued to live in discomfort.  Until one day I read about Body Stress Release …- Read the full article on

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