Body Stress Release

What is Body Stress Release?

 What to expect from a Body Stress Release appointment with Sarah Davies:

In the initial appointment, I take a detailed case history, noting any previous operations, accidents, and underlying conditions.  If you have had MRI scans or X-rays you may bring the written reports along to your first appointment.  

 After giving the client some guidance on the BSR process, the client will lie down (fully clothed) on a specially designed BSR bed.  I perform a series of light, directional reflex tests to locate the exact sites of body stress.  By recording the reflex responses to these tests, I can accurately pinpoint the underlying sites of tension. A firm directional stimulus is applied to the area to prompt the body to let go of the underlying patterns of stress, and this initiates the body’s healing response.

If the body stress is as a result of a very recent injury the healing process may be rapid.  However, if the stress has been stored in the body for a long period of time, the client might need a number of consultations before full mobility/flexibility and function is restored.

The consultation takes approximately half an hour and is suitable for all ages, from infants to the elderly, sports people to pregnant women.

Who needs Body Stress Release?

While most clients discover Body Stress Release because of various aches or pains, one doesn’t have to be in physical pain to experience the benefits.

 We are all subjected to stress (chemical, physical or emotional) and as a result, the body is constantly attempting to cope, adjust and adapt.  Over a period of time, the body will start to accumulate stored tension which may start to disrupt the nervous system.  The BSR technique is based on the principle that the body is self-healing and, in the right circumstances, if the nervous system is functionally optimally our health and healing potential will similarly be optimal.  

Since our spinal nerves are key to our overall functioning it’s essential to be checked for underlying body stress from time to time.

Frequently asked questions:

“I’ve had multiple operations and procedures – can BSR still help me?

Yes – most definitely.  The BSR practitioner will ask you for details of your procedure and may ask you to bring your medical reports or X-Rays to the first consult.   We do not work directly on joint replacements but we do release areas of stored tension in surrounding areas which will assist in optimising mobility and function.

Do I have to get undressed or wear any special clothing?

The client remains fully clothed, with shoes on, for the entire process – there’s no need for any special clothing, just dress comfortably.

Can you work with my newborn baby?  Can you work on someone really frail?

BSR is a gentle non-manipulative technique that is suitable for all, from babies to the elderly.

Can you work with someone who is wheelchair bound?

Some practitioners have a special wheel-chair friendly bed but most practitioners will work with a wheelchair client if the person comes with an assistant or career to help them on to the special BSR couch.

How many sessions will I need?

You will need to commit to 3 appointments:  After the initial appointment, as body stress is released, there is usually a re-arrangement of muscle tension which needs to be attended to a few days later. Thereafter a follow-up appointment is scheduled for approximately one week’s time.

It’s impossible to predict how many appointments are needed for full recovery as each client comes with a different set of circumstances (and history).  A client’s recovery rate may also be dependent on their daily stressors, whether the client follows the practitioner’s advice regards posture, exercise and the client getting sufficient rest (particularly in the initial stages of the process).  However, most people will start to notice some changes in the first 3-4 consults.