Body Stress Release

The Appointment

What to expect from an appointment:

Body Stress Release is carried out in a professional setting in a private consulting room. First the practitioner takes a detailed case history, noting any previous operations, accidents and underlying conditions.  If you have have MRI scans or X-rays for your condition you may bring the written reports along to you first appointment.

The practitioner will then perform a series of light, directional reflex tests to locate the exact sites of body stress while the client lies down (fully clothed) on a special BSR bed.  The practitioner records the reflex responses to these tests, accurately pinpointing the underlying sites of tension.  By applying a light but definite directional pressure, the practitioner prompts the body to let go of the patterns stress, using a firm directional stimulus that initiates the body’s healing response

If the body stress is as a result of a very recent injury the healing process may be rapid.  However, if the stress has been stored in the body for a long period of time, the client might need a number of consultations before full mobility / flexibility and function is restored

The consultation takes approximately half an hour and is suitable for all ages, from infants to the elderly, sports people to pregnant women.